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#38848 L'anime de KOR aux Etats-Unis

Posté par Godai_009 on 27 août 2018 - 00h57

Great news - I hope that France will get a similar treatment, for all of you on this forum...

#38678 Fan arts internationaux de KOR

Posté par Godai_009 on 05 juin 2018 - 04h24

lol  :ashamed5:

As it were, this artist is talented.

Here is another Madoka picture they drew.




Source: pixiv

#38676 Fan arts internationaux de KOR

Posté par Godai_009 on 04 juin 2018 - 17h49



Source: pixiv

#38495 Akemi Takada invitée d’honneur de Japan Tours !

Posté par Godai_009 on 30 avril 2018 - 16h03

I think that makes sense. KOR and its love triangle is a very "shounen" story, its appeal is more with boys than girls. I think Akemi Takada would personally prefer a shoujo styled romance.

Although I have seen my fair share of female KOR fans, it's not something I would expect compared to say, Creamy Mami's female appeal. 


Still, on her blog she said she enjoyed drawing Madoka, and she has drawn her a lot for fun, so I'm grateful for that.




Does anyone know the context of this photograph? When it was taken, etc?

#37841 Les travaux de Godai_009

Posté par Godai_009 on 22 novembre 2017 - 23h50


I drew this picture in the memory of Hiromi Tsuru:



I'm an American, so I can not speak French. However, I can still understand the comments here via Google Translate, which is a pretty good job of translating the messages. So please comment in French, if you will.


Here is a close-up on the face.


Thank you!

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