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Entretien de Toru Furuya (2013)

22 avril 2018 - 05h34

Hey all. I recently came across this interview of Toru Furuya done in 2013. It is subtitled in English, so you might not be able to read it if you only know French.



Here, he talks about his 40 years of work in the voice acting business - He says that out of all the characters he's played, Kyosuke was the most special to him, since it reminded him of his youthful days. (He talks about KOR at 4:02 in the video) I know I was pretty glad to hear that.

He also talks about Amuro Ray, another important character to him. He has played the role of Amuro for the longest time, spanning from video games, commercials, etc. This man has landed a lot of stellar roles!


If needed, I can write down the subtitles and roughly translate them into French.

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